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Rules of Election:

 In accordance with Article 33 of the Local System Law: City Councilors shall be elected by citizens according to law, for a term of four years and may be eligible for reelection. The total number of Cit Councilors shall not exceed eleven persons when the population of the city concerned is less than 10,000; the number should not exceed nineteen persons when the city population is 20,000;and it should not exceed thirty-three persons when the population is less than 400,000. It shall have at least one female member, when the quota attains four persons in an election zone; in case the quota case four persons, one guaranteed quota for female will be added for every four persons added.

 Accordingly, for the population of Chia-yi , 24 members should be elected. The election is separated to two districts. At least two female members have to be elected in each district.

 In accordance with the Regulation governing Elections and Recall of Public Functionaries : he who qualifies to vote in the city elections must be a Taiwanese citizen who resides in a local district for at least four months. He or she must be 20 or above and has not been deprived of civil rights or declared incompetence to manage his own properties.

 Those who are Taiwanese citizens and 23 or older are qualified to run for office at the City Council as long as they follow the law and regulations for election.

 TSAI Kuei-sze

 Hsiao Shu-Li 
  議長  蕭淑麗

 CHIU Fang-chin KUO Ming-ping
副議長 郭明賓
洪有仁 議員
 CHANG Jung-tsang CHANG Jung-tsang
張榮藏 議員 
 HUANG Kuo-tsuen
郭文居 議員
 CHEN Wen-ling
Huang  Ying-chih
黃盈智 議員
 TSAI Yung-chuan TSAI Yung-chuan
蔡永泉 議員
 CHENG Jun-heng Cheng  Kucng-hung
鄭光宏 議員
 CHE Hsing-chih CHEN Hsing-chih
陳幸枝 議員
 LIAO Tien-lung  LIAO Tien-lung
廖天隆 議員
 HUANG Chiu-tse HUANG Chiu-tse
黃秋澤 議員
 WU Shang-ming WU Shang-ming
 KUO Ming-ping
莊豐安 議員
 KUO Ming-ping


Su  Tza-feng

 CHANG Hsiu-hua CHANG Hsiu-hua
張秀華 議員
 TSAI Jng-fong TSAI Jng-fong
蔡榮豐 議員
 FU David FU David
傅大偉 議員
  LI Jhong-li
李忠曆 議員
 TsAI Wen-hsu TSAI Wen-hsu
蔡文旭 議員
 WANG Mei-hui WANG Mei-hui
王美惠 議員
 CHANG Min-chyi CHANG Min-chyi

Chen  Tzu-wen
陳姿妏  議員


 HUANG Lu-hui  HUANG Lu-hui
  DAI Ning
戴寧 議員

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